Care for Older Cats

Old age cats or old cats are cats with an age of more than 7 years. The age of a cat of 7 years is the same as the age of a human in 50 years, so at this age, there will be more problems that arise, especially health problems.

Just like humans, old cats also need special attention so that their health is maintained. Here are tips on caring for an old cat, so that it stays healthy at an age that is no longer young.

Routinely Check With The Veta

In old age, more intense checking and consultation with a veterinarian is necessary because at this age the tendency for the chronic disease will appear.

Pay Attention To Diet

An older cat must have a good diet, which is neither excess nor deficient. This is important to note because older cats are relatively prone to obesity problems, and thin cats that lack nutritional intake are also more susceptible to various diseases.


Give You Drink More

The problem of difficulty drinking is actually not only experienced by old cats, cats have a high tolerance for dehydration. However, it is very dangerous if an old cat does not get enough water because it will result in dehydration. The organ function of an old cat is not as good as a young cat. Overcoming this, old age cats should be given wet feed so that their water needs are met.

Give Food A Strong Aroma

The smell and taste function of older cats will experience a decline. Therefore, sometimes cats experience a decrease in appetite. So it is necessary to provide food with a strong aroma such as tuna, chicken broth without salt, and food that is warmed so that the steam will cause an aroma which causes an increase in appetite.

Keeps Hair And Nails Clean

Do not allow old age cats from dull hair conditions which will worsen the condition of the cat’s body. So that anti-parasitic drugs should still be given to old cats on schedule. Hair needs to be combed every day to stimulate blood circulation so that hair remains healthy. Old cat nails tend to be cracked so they need to be trimmed before the nails grow.

Avoiding Stress

Don’t let stress worsen your health. Stress can make cats reluctant to eat, do activities, and can lower their immune system, leading to poor health. Therefore, cats of old age need attention from the owner by inviting them to play and interact so that the cat does not experience stress.

Owning an old cat requires extra attention, but it is very encouraging because you are a pet owner that has a long life. This means that you are a responsible owner because you can be trusted to have a pet for a long time.…